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Contact your legislators and urge them to work on nonpartisan redistricting reform. House Bill 200 (HB200) is a current bill proposed on this issue. Read more about it and talk to your legislators about moving toward reform on this issue. Find out Who Represents You!

Recent Events

APRIL 5, 2017: The LWVNC Fair Elections Action Team held a special event focused on the need to come together in support of nonpartisan redistricting reform. Our featured speaker was J. Walker Smith, Executive Chairman at Kantar Futures, who spoke about the path toward finding common ground from a consumer insights perspective. Also invited were Republican and Democrat legislators, co-sponsors of HB200, who were asked to educate attendees about this bill. Rep. Grier Martin (Wake) spoke briefly and answered lots of questions from attendees. Thank you to all who attended. Read Walker Smith's remarks.

MARCH 1, 2017: League members joined Common Cause NC and other groups for Citizen's Lobby Day at the NCGA. A Rally to End Gerrymandering was held on the Bicentennial Plaza in Raleigh. Watch LWVNC board member Janet Hoy address the rally crowd in the video below:

LWVNC at Rally to End Gerrymandering 2017 from League of Women Voters NC on Vimeo.

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Understanding HB200 and SB209

HB 200, a bill designed to establish a non-partisan redistricting commission, has been introduced in the NC General Assembly. A non-partisan legislative staff would create legislative and congressional districts rather than lawmakers. The districts would be drawn completely blind to political considerations or partisan political advantage. It would take effect for the next redistricting cycle, in 2021. The goal is that districts are drawn without favoring a incumbents or political parties, rather than the gerrymandered districts we have now. Fortunately there are 39 legislators who are interested in reform and HB 200 has bipartisan support. Sponsors are listed on the bill.

But HB200 must get out of the House Rules, Calendar and Operations committee first. We need to let our legislators know we want this bill passed. Since these representatives come from around the state we need constituents of these legislators to write or call them, asking them to support the bill and report it out of committee. Please go the the NC General Assembly site and search Find My Representative:.

Consider contacting these NCGA leaders as well: Senate President Pro Tempore Phil Berger, House Speaker Tim Moore, House Elections Co-Chair Rep. David Lewis, House Elections Co-Chair Rep. Bert Jones 

SB209 is an identical companion bill to HB200 that would mandate nonpartisan redistricting in North Carolina, effective 2021.

Nonpartisan Redistricting Reform

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Walter Salinger serves as Chair of the Fair Elections Roundtable and Liaison to the LWVNC Board of Directors. Contact him at: